R&D Collaborations

Therapeutic programs

INGESTEM mainly focuses its therapeutic studies using iPSC in neurology, hematology, immunology, oncology, hepatology, metabolic diseases, ischemic diseases, vascular diseases and tissue organoid transplants.

The strong involvement of members of INGESTEM in hospitals ensures direct contact with patients and is more likely to rapidly bring stem cell into the clinic.

Standardization of the quality and safety is the prerequisite for the development of cell therapies and transplantation derived from iPSC in Europe.

Possible medical uses of iPSC involve a massive effort of technological research for production large-scale clinical grade cells, with multiple collaborations and external academic and industrial partnerships.

INGESTEM develops:

  • Automation, standardization and industrialization of cell reprogramming and cell differentiation procedures.
  • Miniaturization of stem cell technologies to reduce production costs.
  • Development of GMP protocols
  • Cell-derived pluripotent stem cells and more complexe tissues for  phase I-II clinical trials in regulatory compliance, for the generation of future Advanced-Therapy Medicinal Products  (ATMPs).